Your Nagging Urge To Go, Go, Go, Can Be Gone, Gone, Gone.
Experience Unbeatable Prostate Support with Our Formula
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               Frequent Urination, Residual Urination or Intermittent Urine Flow

               Painful, stinging urination, Slow Urination & Urination Difficulty

               Prostate inflammation & Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

               Dribbling & Thin Urine Flow

               Low Sexual Stamina, Premature Ejaculation or Soft Erection

               Blood in Urine & Semen

               Interrupted Sleep At Night, Low Energy Level & Tired

               Lower Back or Groin Pain & Weak Knee

               Constant Full Feeling in Bladder

The solution …. Vigamaxx, a 100% natural formulation your doctor will never reveal to you!
Revitalize Your Prostate Health & Say Goodbye to...
Learn How I Solved My Sexual & Prostate Problems Naturally
Within 14 Days!
From: Willie Walter
Fremont, California
Saturday, July 03, 2021

Are you annoyed by frequent urination, the embarrassing "after drop", frequent interrupted sleep, low sexual drive, low energy level & lower back pain that seem doesn't go away?

If you do, don't worry, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!. I know how you feel. Having problems like these can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and loss of confidence and will ultimately affect the quality of your life.

I felt the same way too! My name is Willie Walter, 52 years old. I'm just like you, one of the 30 million American men who suffer from prostate related sexual problems until I discovered a Traditional Natural Herbal Formulation that was used hundreds of years ago, and still being widely used today by the native Asian to restore prostate problems, improve sexual performance, and make them feel young again with abundance energy.

Believe me, if you're looking for a solution to the following problems...

Frequent Bathroom Visit, Painful urination or Slow urine Flow

✓ Low Sexual Libido, Sexual Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation or Soft Erection

Interrupted Sleep & Low Energy Level

✓ Lower Back & Groin Pain...

...Then you have come to the right place.

I have been experiencing prostate related symptoms for 6 to 7 years now. During the first few years I noticed gradually that when I urinated, the stream would spurt in all directions, much like a garden hose would when it was pinched between my fingers.

I also noticed after some time feelings urgency to urinate but when I went to the bathroom, little more than a trickle would appear. Trips to the bathroom at night were becoming more frequent. I also noticed a slight discomfort in my rectum at times as if some small object was lodged there.

Three years ago, my doctor told me my symptoms were common among men my age and they were probably related to my prostate. About two years ago, I began noticing that I rarely woke up with an erection anymore and trips to bathroom at night were becoming more frequent and the uncontrollable spray when I urinated was becoming increasingly out of control and more frustrating.

"I Was At The Brink of Becoming... IMPOTENCE!"

My sex life had gone from bad to worst,  I've found it harder and harder to achieve an erection. I have tried virtually all brands of fast-acting sex enhancer in the market. A few did give me the desired effect, I had to line with major side effect including headaches, indigestion and heart palpitation. Sometimes I managed to ignore it but often the discomfort was so bad that I had to forego sex!

And for my prostate problem, I have tried many products ( like most products with ingredients like saw palmetto, selenium, stinging nettle root, pumpkin seeds , lycopene & etc..) but  none of them gave me a lasting solution to my prostate problems. The experience can be very horrifying and most of the time, we have limited choices as to what "brand" of prostate products to use or try next.

"Don't Leave Your Prostate Problems To Doctors..."

Listen : call me old fashion in my values, if you want. But I'm going to pull the devious rug out from under the unethical profit-driven salesman...disguised as a doctors.

I believe it is completely reasonable to expect our doctors to be objective and impartial when it come to giving us advice on various treatment. However, their objectivity is disturbingly questionable when the only option presented to us a cure is the costly Prostate Surgery.

"When Morality Comes Up Against Profit, Unfortunately It's Always The Profit Wins..."

Don't let the slick salesman in the garb of a doctor's coat " trick " you into having surgery while in most cases, alternative treatment with herbs could be the answer to your prostate problem.

I've personally benefited immensely from this traditional formulation and am really delighted that I have the opportunity to introduce it to all the men in the world so that every one of us can get rid of our prostate problem once and for all.
If You're above 40's & Have Enlarged Prostate, Hypertension & Diabetes... Odds are Your Sex Life Is In Jeopardy! Read This Immediately & I Promise This Will be The Most Important Six Minutes Of Your Life...
What Exactly Is Prostate Gland?
Prostate gland is a unique male organ. It is the largest auxiliary gland from the male reproductive organ. Due to the production of testosterone hormone from the testicles after a male enters the pubic period, the prostate gland starts to grow and function.

By 30 years old, the gland grows to a stable size, and after 45 years old, if the gland size is not growing, the prostate gland cells shall shrink, and the size also reduce.

The function of prostate gland are as follows;

a. Forming the urine prostate region, controlling the urination

b. Transporting the content from semen vesicles and product of gland tube to the urine

c. Producing prostate fluid

In an adult, the prostate gland size is comparable to a nut, with diameter around 3-4cm, and weights around 20g.

If the prostate gland has not been placed under proper care, it may grow as the male gets older, and affect the urination process, causing many males to have sexual problems, such as pain during ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, blood in semen & etc.
The Causes of Prostate Enlargement
The size of the prostate gland is as big as a chestnut, linked together with urinary bladder, rectum, genital part and urinary tract. There are also 15-30 prostate gland excretion which is linked to the urinary tract.

Bacteria would not only infect through blood, but also though the lymph nodes of urinary bladder and urinary tract. Bacteria also can spread from the prostate excretion tube to the prostate glands which end up causing acute or chronic prostate inflammation and benign.

Most causes of prostate enlargement are due to one or more of the following...
    1. Male hormone imbalance
    2. Aging
    3. Family history
    4. Unhealthy eating habits i.e smoking & alcohol drinking
    5. Toxins or heavy metal pollution
    6. Other diseases

Is The Problem With Prostate Gland Fatal?
Normally, chances of the prostate gland enlarging are greatly increased after 40 years old, causing many problems and worries to the older male community. If the problem with prostate gland is not taken care of or controlled, it may progressed into cancer mutation, leading to prostate cancer.

As the prostate cancer does not have any significant symptoms, it is normally discovered only in the final stage, resulting in the loss of many precious lives.
What Are The Problems Associated With Enlarged Prostate Gland?
Enlarged prostate gland may cause pain during urination and possibly problems with sexual functions. Typical problems are listed below...

1. Bladder Problem : Enlarged prostate could press on the urethra, inhibiting the smooth flow, which may result in uremia, impaired bladder and bursting of bladder in some serious case. It may also cause gradual uncontrolled urination when you have a feeling of urination or your lower abdomen is slightly compressed, resulting in mental pressure on the patients, as uncontrolled urination may occur at any time in public, which greatly affects those with enlarged prostate.

2. Kidney problem : The problem with kidney is indirect. Enlarged prostate may result in accumulation of excessive urine in the bladder. In the long run, there may be infection on the bladder, which could affect the ureter and finally causing kidney infection or impairing kidney functions

3. Prostate Cancer : If the problem with enlarged prostate is not properly taken care of, the swelling effect may result in prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer in the main killer amongst older people, reaching 21% of all death in old age.

4. Problems With Sexual Function : Enlarged prostate may cause difficulties during sexual intercourse, such as pain during ejaculation, blood in semen, erectile dysfunction, soft erection & etc. After the removal of enlarged prostate gland with surgery, most patients face certain sexual difficulties especially maintaining erection.

If you'd like to solve your prostate problem and restore your prostate health, feel YOUNG, HEALTHY, VIBRANT, SEXUALLY ACTIVE & CONFIDENT All Day...Everyday and enjoy your life to the fullest, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.
And taking this drug can substantially INCREASE your risk of developing abnormal cells in your prostate! Here’s the proof...

According to a 1999 clinical study conducted by the prestigious Norris Cancer Institute of the University of Southern California, men taking Proscar® increased their risk of abnormal cell growth in their prostate by 300%.

That’s not a typo—300 PERCENT! If that’s not bad enough, other side effects include a loss of sex drive... premature ejaculation... and even impotence for goodness sake!

And the drug is so powerful—it can cause birth defects in pregnant women who come in contact with the sperm of a man taking Proscar®!

Quotes from some M.D. regarding drugs...

    "Drugs never cure disease. They merely hush the voice of nature's protest, and pull down the danger signals she erects along the pathway of transgression. Any poison taken into the system has to be reckoned with later on even though it palliates present symptoms. Pain may disappear, but the patient is left in a worse condition, though unconscious of it at the time."

    - Daniel. H. Kress, M.D.

    "The cause of most diseases is in the poisonous drugs physicians superstitiously give in order to effect a cure."

    - Charles E. Page M.D.

    "The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine."

    - William Osler, M.D.

The NEW Men's Health Savior
This 100% Natural ASIAN SECRETS Shrink Enlarged Prostate FAST & Boost Your Libido & Maintaining Optimum Health!

NEVER Buy Worthless Supplements For The Privilege Of Being Healthy...Ever Again
Revolutionary Prostate Formula for Optimal Health
"Toxins Exist Everywhere!"
I am feeling very healthy, so it won't happen to me....

Well, as you may have read or heard, toxins exist everywhere! Pharmaceutical drugs are now showing up in our tap and ground water. The first drug was accidentally found by scientists in Berlin Germany when they conducted their routine tap water tests for pesticides. The drug found was Clofibric Acid, a cholesterol-lowering drug. Many other drugs have since been found in our wells and ground water.

Each year the United States alone produces over 400 billion pounds of synthetic organic chemicals that are all toxic. This is equivalent to 80 pounds of chemicals per year for every person on the planet. Research shows that there are between 300 to 500 toxins in our tissues today that were never found in the tissues of anyone before 1940. In fact, you're breathing dioxin right now and hundreds of other chemicals that you cannot taste, see or smell.

Even a vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press investigation shows. (Reported By JEFF DONN, MARTHA MENDOZA and JUSTIN PRITCHARD, Associated Press Writers on March 9, 2008)

Obviously, toxins are GOING to be part of our life whether we like it or not. All we can do is make sure our body is properly cleansing itself of these toxins so they don't stay in our system.

And most  diseases develop slowly and it may take some times to exhibit noticeable symptoms of the particular any disease. So, to safeguard yourself from these problems, proper precautionary steps are advisable.

As a matter of fact... Prevention is always better than cure.

Does NOT Contain Yohimbe!

Unlike 95% of sexual enhancer in the market, Vigamaxx™ does not contain Yohimbe, a proven herbal aphrodisiac that works well...but can cause very unpleasant side effects like palpitation, vomiting, insomnia, body aches and aggressive behavior.

While Yohimbe is not illegal in United States, it is banned in many countries through the world, that in itself speak volume about the safety of the herbs, especially if you intend to use it for a long period of time.

Caution : Vigamaxx™ Is No Fast Acting Sex Enhancing Pills !

Let me give you a blast of  Brutal Honesty About Fast Acting Sex Enhancing Pills!

Let's face it. The sex enhancing pill industries prey on your desperation.

Whether you're a premature ejaculators, unable to obtain or maintain an erection or just want to increase your capacity to perform sexually, the most important thing is result, isn't it?

As human beings we all want instant gratification.

As a hot blooded male, who wouldn't want to be able to fuck all night without taking a break? And if you've tried fast acting sexual enhancing pill before, you know they work amazingly fast.

It's like Down the pills go, UP goes your weiner.

You'll be amazed how little time it takes to transform "Little Willy " into "Steel Member". In fact, you might be of the opinion that they work even better than ED drugs.

I'm certainly not psychic, but I'm pretty sure with your 'erectile' power, your partner would be impressed with your ability to rise to the occasion and perform.

Maybe the pill made you a stud....Maybe the pill made you gain a whole load of new found self confidence and respect...Maybe you even wound up 'inspiring' yourself...Maybe you think the pills is the mini modern day miracle.

Is Your Sex Life Worth Suffering Side Effects Like These... !

If you've taken any fast acting sexual enhancing pills before, chances are you probably might have experienced...

✓ Migraine

✓ Indigestion or vomiting

✓ Blue Vision or nausea

✓ Nasal Congestion

✓ Heart Palpitation

All these are part and parcel of taking fast acting sex enhancing pills...Sure these side effects may not seem to be 'fatal' and you may be apt to just simply dismiss them.

Nothing could be further from the truth...

These side effects could be more ' dangerous' than you think and are good indication that your supposed 'herbal' sex pills is adulterated.

Wisen Up...

Your safety and well being is our No.1 concern, and if you've made it this far, you really owe it to yourself to Try Vigamaxx™ Before You try Anything Else!

If you're looking for a herbal sexual enhancer to elevate your sexual performance to level never experienced owe it to yourself to use a proven 100%, natural product like Vigamaxx™

Think about it!

No Matter How 'Nice' A Person your Partner Is, She Will Be Sorely Disappointed When You're Unable To Perform.

Sure, She might say nice thing like " it's OK..I understand " blah blah when what she really means is, " You're Such A Loser! "

And that's totally ok and before Vigamaxx™ was conceived, I had many occasions when I was unable to " rise to the occasion'.

As men, we can take it in our strides. it happens sometimes.

But what happen if she misinterprets your inability to perform and apparent lack of desire as not finding her "attractive and desirable enough?".

What kind of damper will that put on YOUR RELATIONSHIP?

Will she look for someone else whom she think will appreciate her more?

Will she look for someone else who can fulfill her innermost deepest desires and totally satisfy her at the core of her being?

Think about that!

I think you'll realize why spending a few measly dollars on a 100%, natural herbal product that would improve your sexual performance as well as your prostate health can be the best investment you'll make in both yourself and your loved one.

Vigamaxx™ can cause dramatic and wonderful changes in your life in literally every level.

You'll surprise yourself when you discover why you don;t have to take Vigamaxx™ for weeks to feel its invigorating and revitalizing effects.

Ramp Up Your Performance!

You'll be totally empowered with the supreme confidence and rest assured that any performance you have in bed will be nothing short of explosive  and stunning.

In fact, when your try Vigamaxx™ yourself, not only can you potentially inspire your partner, you might even end up inspiring yourself.

Can I Take You Aside For A Minute For Some Straight Blunt Talk?!


I'm not gonna bullshit you into believing that Vigamaxx™ will work for you 100%. You don;t need me to tell you this. But even ED drugs don;t work for everyone, everytime.

What I Do know, is that Vigamaxx™ has worked exceeding well in so many circumstances, is 100% safe to consume, and as high as 91% of all our customers are satisfied with the result produced by Vigamaxx™.

And let's get real. This is webpage. I don't really know you from a bar of soap. I don't know the least about your personal health condition, age etc, all of which may affect how well Vigamaxx™ can work for you.

Which is why...

All You Have To Do Is Simply Say "Maybe"

Simply test drive Vigamaxx™, absolutely risk free!

If, at anytime during 90 days period, you're not satisfied with Vigamaxx™ in ANY way at all, simply return for a full refund. No weasel clauses, No Question Asked, and we'll still remain friends.

No Hard Feeling.

Caution : For Those With Hypertension, Heart Disease & Diabetes

The dosage for Vigamaxx™ varies depend on your condition. If you do not have other chronic diseases other than enlarged prostate, the dosage is as follow...

1.   Take one tablet of Vigamaxx™ per day for 3 consecutive days ( 1 box of Vigamaxx™ has 10 tablets ). You should see some improvement already.

2.   After third day, you can take Vigamaxx™ one tablet every 3 days or every 4 days depending on your needs. ( which means fourth tablet on the sixth or seventh day )

***Note : If your condition is serious, you're advised to take one tablet of Vigamaxx™ daily until you condition improve

If you're suffering from hypertension, heart disease & diabetes, you should start taking a small amount ( 1/2 tablets per day ) and gradually increase to one tablet per day and then follow the dosage instruction as above.

Warning : Make Sure The Prostate Pill You're Buying Meet The Following Criterias...

✓ Natural and Chemical-free

✓ Improve prostate health

✓ Improve your sexual performance

✓ Anti-Inflammatory & anti-tumor

✓ Improve urination system and promote blood circulation

✓ Reduce fatigue and increase your energy level

✓ Improve acidic physique condition

In Summary, Here Is What You'll Get With Vigamaxx™

✓ Improves Prostate Problems

✓ Turbocharge Your Sexual Performance Within Days

✓ Improves Urination System & Let You Sleep Well At Night

✓ Promotes blood circulation

✓ Anti-Tumor and Anti-Cancer

✓ Regulates Human Immune System

✓ Delays Aging Process & Promote Healthy Teenager  "Glow"

✓ Reduces Fatigue & Boost Your Energy To A Higher Level

✓ Prevent Cardio-Cerebral Vascular Disease

✓ Improves Acidic Physique Condition

Most of them all, Vigamaxx™ truly make you feel YOUNG, HEALTHY, VIBRANT & CONFIDENT All Day...Everyday

Improves Prostate Problems

Turbocharge Your Sexual Performance Within Days

Improves Urination System

Promotes Blood Circulation

Anti-Tumor and Anti-Cancer

Regulates The Immune System

Delays Aging Process

Reduces Fatigue & Improves Energy Level

Prevent Cardio-Cerebral Vascular Disease

Improves Acidic Physique Condition

Benefits of Vigamaxx
The world’s first and only natural proprietary, patent-pending prostate health enhancing formula, that can support and boost healthy prostate fast and increasing both the speed and efficiency of metabolism.

While instantly boosting your health, energy and well-being at the same time.

And tens of thousands of everyday men can attest…

Relieve prostate symptoms fast & electrifying your sexual experiences…

Maintain healthy testosterone levels, particularly in those men with low sexual drive…

Enjoying incredible all-day-energy…

And improving your health…

Could not be any simpler, easier or more automatic…

Just enjoy better men's health with this revolutionary formula specially formulated for men…

There’s never been anything even close to VIGAMAXX ever attempted.
Statistically, as many as 90% of our customers said that they did not experience any unpleasant side effects - like headaches, extreme palpitation, sweating & dizziness - that are so commonly associated with other sexual enhancers.

The remaining 10% did feel some minor facial flushing and warmness in the body, all of which is tolerable reactions.

These are caused by blood circulation enhancing herbs in Vigamaxx™, and do not remotely pose as any form of threat to your well-being in any way.
Vigamaxx™ vs Other Men Health Products
The 5 Ingredients Of Vigamaxx
While Ganoderma lucidum is annual and does not actually grow more each year like some polypores, its fruiting body is quite tough and can last for months. This magical mushroom is also known as Reishi or Ling zhi which means "herb of spiritual potency"
It is one of the extremely precious medicinal values of fungus. Chinese tradition health book recorded that Ganoderma can calm the nerves, strengthen to the lung and liver.
Ganoderma Lucidum
One of the known pharmacological effects is its anti-oxidation activity. Cordyceps sinensis, a well-known and valued traditional Chinese medicine, is also called DongChongXiaCao (winter worm summer grass) in Chinese.
Cordyceps is commonly used in China for the replenishment of general body health. Cordyceps has a broad range of pharmacological and biological actions on the liver, kidneys, heart, and immune system.
Cordyceps Sinensis Extract
It is used to tonify the yang (treat impotence and backache), strengthen the tendons, and nourish the blood to alleviate the blood-deficiency type of constipation (typically occurring with old age), Relieve aching and weakness of loins and knees and treat sexual problems.
Cynomorium is known in Chinese as suoyang, which is based on the herb's medicinal effects, "locking the yang." It is obtained mainly from the East Asian species, Cynomorium songaricum, though the similar C. coccineum is sometimes utilized as a substitute.
Cynomorium Songaricum Extract
Studies have shown that kudzu can reduce both hangovers and alcohol cravings. Persons who take kudzu will still drink alcohol; however, they will consume less than if they had not taken kudzu. The mechanism for this is not yet established, but it may have to do with both alcohol metabolism and the reward circuits in the brain.
Kudzu Root Extract
Kudzu also contains a number of useful isoflavones, including daidzein (an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent), daidzin (a cancer preventive) and genistein (an antileukemic agent). Kudzu is a unique source of the isoflavone puerarin. Kudzu root compounds can affect neurotransmitters (including serotonin, GABA, and glutamate) and it has shown value in treating migraine and cluster headache. It is recommended for allergies and diarrhea.
Spirulina is a genus of the phylum Cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are classified as either blue-green algae or as blue-green bacteria. Spirulina is a rich source of protein. It also contains chlorophyll, carotenoids, minerals, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and some unique pigments.
Spirulina Platensis
Spirulina has putative antiviral, hypocholesterolemic,antioxidant, hepatoprotective, antiallergic and immune-modulatory activities.
Vigamaxx Insurance
All Diverxin products are COVERED BY INSURANCE issued by
INSUR-WEST with the followings coverage
>>Each Occurence  $1,000,000 USD
    >>Commercial General Liability Aggregate $2,000,000 USD
    >>Products / Completed Operations Aggregate  $2,000,000 USD
    >>Advertising Injury and Personal Injury Aggregate $1,000,000 USD

We bought insurance because we CARE ABOUT YOU...PERIOD!

If you are not happy with the benefits Vigamaxx has to offer, we will issue a full refund! Just contact us in the first 90 days from your purchase, even if you used up the entire bottle or not, we would still give you your money back.

This means you have 3 whole months to see if Vigamaxx is the right choice for you or not. No hidden fees or subscriptions. Just a safe and secure one-time simple payment.

Make your choice by clicking below, enter your payment details on our secure order form, and place the order now. We will ship your bottles directly to your home.
Our Ironclad 90-day, Money-Back Guarantee
Our Guarantee Is In Our Result.
Divorced Man Dates Again...

After my divorce, I began dating again. But can you imaging it, every time I ‘GOT LUCKY’, the whole thing fell flat and I just could not perform. Exercise helped a little but I just was not the man I used to be. Things were going from bad to worse and I even stopped dating because I was so anxious. This thing has been going on for almost 2 years now.

Eventually a social friend told me about ‘vigamaxx’ and I thought to myself ‘what have I got to lose?’. Two weeks later I just can’t get enough of it.

David Sullen, Age 56
Harder Erection. No More Minute Man. Premature Ejaculation Is A Thing Of Past

I just want to write and say thank you for recommending ‘vigamaxx’ to me. I have been experiencing premature ejaculation and could only last a few minutes and then it was over.

Now I have a lot of stamina and my erection is harder and I can last longer. The best thing is can have sex more than once a night for the first time since I was in my early 20’. ‘vigamaxx’ has really made me feel like a young man again. Thank you.

Michael Carrick, Age 48
Sex Stamina Of Teenage Years

I have to say, I have tried so many times to “will” myself into an erection and it only makes matters worse. I didn’t want to be using prescription drugs (like Viagra which has a very bad side effects) in order to have good sex. Though it may help but I don’t think I would get the stamina that I use to have in my teenage years.

But with ‘vigamaxx’, now I don’t have to. I’d recommend your product to anyone who is looking for fuller erections or to anyone who has trouble getting erections. It will definitely improve your love life.

Start Having Sex Stamina Of Teenage years Today

Jim Morris, Age 41
San Jose

"My Morning Erection Is Strong & Hard...I Felt Like A Great Man Again!"

I have been suffering from intense stress which I believe it was due to my job as a Loan Officer in one of the most prestigious bank. I’ve also lost my hair and felt no interest in sex nor enjoyed it.

Every time I tried to have sex, my erection was weak and I ended up feeling nervous that I would finish too quickly. I started taking ‘vigamaxx’ about two months ago. After only 10 days (1 sachet per day), I can feel the difference.

My morning erection is now frequently strong and hard. Best of all, I found that I can now go on for much longer. I felt like a great man again. Thank you very much for introducing such a ‘GREAT’ product to me.

Andrew Seet, Age 45

"No trouble Getting Erection At All & Get Multiple Erection Daily That Last Much Longer "

I have been taking ‘vigamaxx’ for about 3 months now. I am in tune with my body and have eaten healthy & exercise constantly for many years. So it was with some disappointment that I began to notice in my late 40’s that my previously always active libido seemed to be fading away and I was beginning to have trouble sustaining erections through intercourse. This was a slow insidious change that I did not notice first. Perhaps of even more concerned, I noticed that I was less interested and even apathetic at times to the opposite sex. I was discouraged by this lack of interest and performance.

I learned about ‘vigamaxx’ through a friend of mine. At first, I was skeptical and a bit apprehensive but I tried it anyway. I did not notice any effects after the first 4 days and only a slight effect after the fifth day. But by the 2nd week, it was apparent that something was happening! I began to get spontaneous erections, upon waking up in the morning, in the middle of the days or while driving. I don’t remember getting spontaneous erections since my teenage years. What amazing results for someone who recently was having trouble getting erections at all. I have stuck to the product, consistently taking it. I can get multiple erections daily and they last much longer. Most importantly, my libido has increased many folds since I started ‘vigamaxx’. Overall, this product has improved my quality of life. I am compelled to give this testimonial because I believe this is really and excellent product that could help many men my age.

John Elton, Age 49
Do yourself a favor and get Vigamaxx™. I promise you will not regret it

Whilst at the age of 60, I still have an excellent sex drive without taking any “so-called” male enhancer. I was given 4 samples sachets of ‘vigamaxx’ during my recent gathering about a month ago. I still have hesitation taking it until my friend decided to take it back.

I would have never known the power of ‘vigamaxx’ if I haven’t try it. I had the hardest erection on the second day after I took it. What a terrific difference it has made and I find the effects lasts more than 3 days. I have decided to take if for the remainder of my life. Thank you.

Tony Fernades, Age 43
"My Alarm Clock Is My Erection In the Morning"

I have suffered from premature ejaculation my entire life. It affected my relationship with my partner who is in her early 40s (they called it ‘the tigeress years’) and my confidence level in and out of the bedroom. Although my partner did not complain about our sex life, I feel very embarrassed and most recently I found that my erection was not as hard as it used to be. I have been trying to search for a reliable male enhancer but some how I did not try them even though I have all the information.

I was introduced to ‘vigamaxx’ by my friend who has been in the health line for more than 18 years. I feel confidence taking it not because of the product itself but rather due to this friend of mine. He is always being honest and true to his word. Five days after consuming the product, I experienced amazing results. I would not have believe it if I have not tested it myself. It has improved my performance ever since. My alarm clock is my erection in the morning. My wife is satisfied that she has been introducing it to her friends. Thank you very much and best wishes to you and your associates.

Federick Basir, Age 48

Enlarged Gland Problem?... Gone! I Sleep Comfortably Through The Night!

I am 57 years old and like many men my age have an enlarged prostate gland problem which was frequently forcing me to get up in the middle of the night in order to urinate. I began taking ‘vigamaxx’ about a month ago and now sleeping comfortably through the night. I would recommend this wonderful Chinese herbs product to anyone with the same problem.

Philip Phang Age 57

1. What makes Vigamaxx so unique?

Vigamaxx is a leading trademark among all the other innovative brands. Vigamaxx combines four precious herbal ingredients - Cynomorium, Cordyceps, Ganoderma, Kudzu Root and spirulina polypeptide. Vigamaxx has become a unique treasure.  It has undergone many years of professional studies, product development and testing, boasting patented technology particularly the nanotech extraction in the four herbal essences. One only needs a packet to experience its amazing goodness.  

Vigamaxx effectiveness is related to its entirely natural ingredients of highest quality. It does not contain any stimulants or artificial ingredients. Vigamaxx is suitable for both men and women.  As numerous case studies show, taking it once a day keeps our body at its best while restoring its youthfulness.

2. What are the advantages of taking Vigamaxx?

Reduces prostate problems - such as prostate inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer

Improves urology and nephrology function, balance physiology

Enhances blood circulation and prevent cardio-cerebral vascular disease

Delays aging by shaping youthful cells

Strengthens immune system, prepares body to heal itself

Reduces fatigue and helps restore energy

Prevents tumor and cancer

Improves acidic physique condition – such as: allergies, forgetfulness, backache, cold hands and feet, inability to concentrate, bad breath

Protects the liver and kidney, improves nephritis and renal failure syndrome

Promotes sleep and improves skin complexion

3. From which country does this high quality product originates from?

Vigamaxx is the wonderful result from a meticulous and successful scientific research study leading by American Scientist. Combining precious Chinese herbal medicine essences, optimizing warranted and patented technology, the most unique and exclusive secret formula in the market is born.

Vigamaxx contains Chinese herbal essences especially cynomorium, a precious herbal medicine sourced from the north Gansu Province. Cynomorium is locally and richly grown in a natural environment without any form of pollution. Using direct extraction and processing technology,   this valuable active ingredient is retained fully and plays a pivotal role to bring out such wonderful effects.

Vigamaxx is a joint effort and an assimilation of Chinese and Western technology and scientific research. Hence, Vigamaxx is truly a remarkable product that transcends borders and exceeds all expectations.

4. Is Vigamaxx suitable for everyone?

Vigamaxx is derived from natural herbal ingredients. It can boost energy and strength effectively. This product has been verified to be safe and suitable for adults above 18 years old. For ladies who take Vigamaxx, it may also play a big role in anti-aging, improving physical treatment, physical fitness, blood circulation, etc. For special needs, please consult your nutritionist or diet therapist before taking.

5. For patients with chronic diseases: hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes, what should they be aware of?

If you are suffering from chronic diseases, start taking a small amount (two tablets). You can increase the dosage slowly. Before taking, please consult your nutritionist or diet therapist for their opinion.

6. How much Vigamaxx should I take to achieve optimal result?

If your physical condition is good, you may take a packet daily. If there are undesired complications after first trial, you may take another packet on alternate day for duration of two weeks. Later, when your condition is stable or improved, you may increase dosage to a packet per day.

7. What is the best time to take Vigamaxx?

Since Vigamaxx comprises of rich and ultra concentrated herbal essences, it provides instants medical results. But due to the fact that all our physical conditions vary from one to another, the general recommendation is to consume 1 packet in the morning or after lunch.

8. While taking Vigamaxx, what are the things that I need to take note of?

Try to avoid raw, spicy and exotic food. Reduce smoking and alcohol intake. Do rest and be relaxed to ensure its effectiveness.

9. After taking Vigamaxx, how long does it takes to see the results?

It varies according to your own physical conditions. Generally, a healthy person will be able to feel the difference rather quickly. A person with health problems needs a longer time. Due to unhealthy living lifestyle and bad eating habits, the person’s physical condition prevents itself from fully absorbing the nutrients in the product. If you fall in this category, please follow the instruction and continue to take SYF, in order to improve your health and return your organ functions to its normal condition.

10. Will Vigamaxx cause any side effects?

Vigamaxx is manufactured in factories which met GMP standard. Our production process is strictly supervised, using pure natural raw materials, which is completely free from pollution.  After a number of research and stringent testing, Vigamaxx is proven to be without stimulant, heavy metal elements or aphrodisiac ingredients.  Vigamaxx comprises nutrients with rich in mineral substances, vitamins and amino acids that are essential to our body. It will not create any side effect. Our product has undergone hundreds clinical trials and product testing. In short, it is confirmed and verified that it will never be a threat to our health. On the contrary, the guaranteed impact in enhancing the various functions of your body will ultimately elevate your health in body, mind and spirit.

11. How long should I take Vigamaxx? Can I stop? Are there any physical problems or will my health  deteriorates if I discontinue?

We are not fully dependent on Vigamaxx. After a certain health improvement, you may stop using gradually. Many people discovered that even after they have stopped taking Vigamaxx, the results last a very long time. It is due to the improvement of body health. However, we suggest a daily usage to maintain your health at its best.

12. Can I treat the product as a tonic for long-term usage?

Vigamaxx provides rich nutrients to the body which can effectively improve personal health. All active ingredients are chosen from natural plants with no added chemical substances. Hence, there are no side effects to our body.

Using Vigamaxx in long term will keep the body in a balanced state, increasing its potential to heal itself. The human body consists of around 70 trillion cells. For the cells in cortex layer to regenerate and repair it takes at least 28 days; renew blood metabolism 4 months; improve organ functions 18 months, rebuild muscle tissues at least 36 months, reproduce bone marrow require years. Therefore, to achieve the optimal health, a person should wait seven years. In addition, a number of studies have shown that long-term use can promote longevity. Taking it on a long-term basis will promise a balanced physiology. You will feel energetic, motivated and strong!

13. Can I take other health supplement or drugs together with Vigamaxx?

Since Vigamaxx comprises of all natural herbal essence, it would not affect consumption of other products or food. However, we suggest that you take them separately to make sure all the benefits of Vigamaxx are absorbed.  After meal, take a packet of Vigamaxx, and make sure the separation of two hours before taking other medicines.

14. Will there be any discomfort or adverse results after taking Vigamaxx?

Vigamaxx has no side effect. This has been tested and verified. The main components in Vigamaxx have been widely used. Each herbal extract is collected from natural environment. It is pollution-free and does not contain any harmful elements.

15. Does Vigamaxx contain aphrodisiac drugs?

Vigamaxx contains no aphrodisiacs elements, heavy metals or stimulants, which has been tested and   verified. It is absolutely safe.

16. Who would benefit much from taking Vigamaxx?

    Those with prostate problems - such as prostate inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer etc.
    Often having difficulty in urination (difficulty starting urination, thin urine flow, urination slow down, urinary incontinence/urination is interrupted midway, cannot completely urinate, frequent urinary, weak urination, blood in urine, etc)

    Poor energy, lack of concentration
    Often feels dizzy and fatigue
    Weak bladder and kidney
    Smoking or often stays in smoky area
    Take soft drink or alcohol frequently
    Often work under pressure
    Cold hands and feet
    Weak immune system
    Often expose to gas emission, i.e.: Carbon monoxide and gasoline
    Often colours hair and uses conditioner with massive chemical compositions
    Frequently uses mobile phones, microwave oven, computer, television and other equipments that emit unhealthy rays.
    Anyone who pay great attention to health and to prevent disease
    Suffering from insomnia
    Unhealthy eating habits: often eat barbecued / fried food, processed food (color-added, with preservatives)
    Abnormal blood pressure

Vigamaxx FAQs
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